More visa questions


Here is the situation…

I am in TW on a 6 month visitors visa. I have already renewed it twice, so I will have to leave in a month or so. I have been extending my visa through my Chinese language school.

If I leave TW and go to China, how easy it is to get a visa in HK to come back to TW? Will they give me another 60 day? Or am I better getting papers from my school ahead of time so that I may get a TW’s student visa in HK?

Also, how long can it really take to get a work visa?

And, can I arrive in TW on a 14 day landing visa, and then sign up with a language school to stay longer?



Definitely get the papers and pay tuiton in advance. Impossible to get the extendable visa in HK otherwise.

You could just get a work visa in a month if everything went quickly and smoothly which means that in practice it usually takes more than a month so a 30 day landing visa from HK is not quite enough.



To my knowledge, a 14 day landing visa cannot be extended for any reason, with the possible exceptions of a medical emergency or an airline strike.