This nutriemt/supplement has been brought up in conversations I’ve been involved in recently, with at least 2 people commenting on how great it is for them.
Now I know there are those who believe that a well-balanced diet, plenty of exercise and not having any bad habits is all you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I’m curious if adding this leafy green may really be beneficial. Can anyone offer their experiences with it?

In places where it’s grown, it’s just a vegetable, not a supplement. The “beans” are very tasty, but have to be picked at the right moment. The leaves are … Ok, but not my favourite. Flowers are also edible.

I have seen it grown down south, but my tree in taipei has never fruited. So you may be able to get fresh leaves, but probably not pods.


There are a couple farms ramping up production in Taiwan as we speak. It had a long hiatus in Taiwan.

I,like finley, am not the biggest fan of it taste wise. but the young foliage served in a Taiwanese veggie dish type of way I do quite enjoy. It’s very good that way. But what isnt good with msg, garlic and oil? It has a slightly spicy, grassy bean flavor fresh. not bad to be honest. But if flavor enhancers are a norm in a persons diet, also not great.

As with many superfood type things, the marketing is far superior than the actual plant. It becomes a bit cringy how common it is for ABC plant to cure cancer, diabetes or etc, all while making your dick 3 inches longer, tits up one size, skin whiter. …or darker, depending on cultural preferences, and wrinkles be gone! It gets a bit silly with companies making pretty extreme claims.

I would avoid that type of salesperson. It is a vegetable. it has decent nutrition. it is famous because it can grow insanely fast and provide HUGE quantities of food in very short timeframes in areas with shitty growing conditions. in that sense, it is a super food! Fully! As for actual nutrition…probably like quinoa and all the other fads. it is healthy, sure. but your dick remains the same size and your cancer probably isnt cured by it.

edit. Forgot to ask. @finley are the trees you have in pots, shaded etc?

I cant say about taipei, but have seen trees this year as far north as the hualien/Yilan border and miaoli with fruits. season is now. I would have assumed Taipei is plenty warm enough. If you need some seeds, send me a pm. have lots currently.


Thanks Fellas, Your comments are much appreciated.

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Those drumsticks do look tasty. Good they are available in markets soon.

Didn’t realise this was a superfood, there are a few places i go that serve it in soup, as @finley said its just a vegetable, so will the price now skyrocket?

What will be next, the Mountain Fern, this is another plant i eat in the village that seam to be expensive in the city.

The global “super food” trend is pretty big. check health food stores. And quasi health good stores that are vegan oriented. the usual over priced super food fare.

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that you can normally buy loose down at the local market

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pretty much. the only advantage is they are registered differently with more restrictions and inspections. As the theory goes, should be more trustworthy. Not worth the price if you trust the farmer though.

A lot of food factories could register and sell the same products, its just a pain in the ass for the factory and you need a licensed professional “on staff”. Health food labels here are not all legal though, buyer beware.

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