Mormons, underwear, and what's mainstream

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Awwwww Come on! Mormons are really pretty mainstream, and usually don’t live in special communities. Seeing you publicly make a statement like this when it’s clear you have little or no knowledge about mormons makes me question the credibility of your book (ie- is this someone who just shoots from the hip and says something controversial just to get readers attention, or is he someone insightful who really researches/tries to understand people before he comments on them etc…)
You might want to watch that if you get more media attention for your book- it could bite you in the ass.

Anyways I’m an exmormon who’s fully qualified to answer your questions so I’ll tell ya right now-
Those special undies are called garments, and they’re sorta like a 1930’s bathing suit (in shape) except they’re loose and made of a white meshy material. They’ve got special ‘symbols’ on different parts of them but the symbols are really just lil right angles.
There, curiosity satisfied?

[quote=“Ed Lakewood”]
Mormonism. As for not usually living in special communities, click on this link and watch the video. … 1568582196.

Oh good lord Ed. Those people are not mainstream mormons- they were an offshoot of early mormonism, and haven’t been a part of what is commonly accepted as the ‘mormon’ church for like a hundred years or something. They have absolutely nothing to do with those sweet little missionaries whose underwear you asked to see.
Calling Warren Jeff’s and his crew mormons is like calling apes human beings because we happen to share a common ancestor. They call themselves ‘FLDS’. If they tried to be mormons they’d immediately be excommunicated by the modern mormon church for their life-style. REALLY questioning your research methods right now.
modern mormons don’t practice polygamy at this time, though they do say it’ll be reinstated in the next life (huge motivator for me to leave the religion of my birth, along with a myriad of other reasons).
Anyways, if you’re going to say something about a group of people, feel free to listen to the opinion of someone who actually was a part of that group of people for 20 years, rather than simply relying on books and articles you read which were written by people who were never a part of the culture.
Did you, by any chance, interview any real Chinese people for your book? Or did you just read a couple of books about China, go there and ‘snoop around’, and slap together your opinions?
Just promise you’ll talk to a couple of real mormons before you write your jaw-dropping book about them, aight?

Anyways, sorry, off topic, but yeah your book sounds interesting.

It really is off-topic, mate. It really is.

I did indeed interview Chinese people for this book. I interviewed a journalist, an ex-PLA soldier, a cultural attache, and I spoke to quite a few lǎobǎixìng.

I am not planning on writing a book about the Mormons.

Thanks so much for your feebback.

[quote=“Ed Lakewood”]It really is off-topic, mate. It really is.

I did indeed interview Chinese people for this book. I interviewed a journalist, an ex-PLA soldier, a cultural attache, and I spoke to quite a few lǎobǎixìng.[/quote]
Cool. Sorry for dragging the thread off topic, but as a kid I got sick of explaining that no, I didn’t have 4 mothers and 56 siblings, and now half the family back at home are mormons, and I’ve got a couple of little cousins on missions…so I get a little sensitive about the whole mormon thing :blush:
Good luck with your book.

I am really sad Big Love is over. that was a great TV show.

I have a good friend who is an ex-mormon. He has irritable bowel syndrome.

Ah! So no post-religious liberation of going commando for him, eh?

In all seriousness, if you’re born into a religion that you don’t mesh with, it can screw with you. I just feel so lucky that I got out and am not in that culture anymore. It’s great for some but for those of us who don’t fit :neutral:

Big Love was awesome- I saw the first two seasons, how many more are there? BTW, also not about mainstream mormons…but a great show!

wouldn’t that just give you the shits.