Mos Burger.....Minestrone?


I don’t know how I feel about this.


Mos burger was pretty good , I thought it was better then Mickey d


I like their cream of corn soup. But not so much anything else. Don’t particularly like the Japanese style of burgers.




Why would you subject me to this notion


Subway also serves minestrone lol.


Try the vegetable soup from MR Mark.


It it might be good
How bad can powderered tomato soup be ?


On that note if you are in Walnut Creek the local hang out cafe is called La Scala and it’s got great tomato soup
Cheap (5 bucks for a cup here is cheap) and comes with a piece of French bread
Don’t know if it’s powderered or from a can but too good
And it’s a great cafe on the corner of Main Street
and I forget

Nice joint


It’s more like how good can minestrone be. It’s literally vegetables and water. Really hard to mess up something that never tasted that great in the first place.


About 15 years ago Mos Burger in Taiwan was good. The one in Hsinchu even served some local teas from Hsinchu County.

Then about a decade ago they started getting dirtier and dirtier. The stores I visited were disgusting.

Have they cleaned up their act?



Concur and don’t think so…I don’t often go to MOS but whenever I’m in one I’m astounded at how filthy they are.