Mosquito battleground

I’m currently underground a fierce and volatile war against the mosquitos that venture into my apartment. Every day the mosquitos take it one step further and force me to up my game for the next day. Every day though I seem to slay many of their soldiers, they still seem to grow in size and power. Last night they were buzzing around my ear as I was falling asleep in a brutal teasing marathon which seemed to say “the second your eyes close you die”. This morning I woke with by far the most damaging of battle scars all across my face and body. Enough is enough and I have to muster together one last hurrah to destroy these evil creatures before they claim me and the territory I rightfully own.

Can any of you brothers please suggest any tips, tactics or weaponry that can help me end this grusome warfare? For once and for all.

God bless you fine people.
God speed.

Frankiti99, last batallion of the great Mosquito war of Yonghe, Taipei, 2015

You need to identify their breading ground which will be some stagnant water. In a large body of water the environmentally friendly way is to include some fish that eat Mosquito lave.

Or perhaps its an outside toilet which you can cover the surface of the water with some gasoline to prevent breading. If your in a gated community it might be they haven’t cleaned the septic tanks for a while so you need to talk to management, or it might be your water tank in which case, it needs to be drained and thoroughly cleaned.

Multi approach: close all entrances to your home -including windows, under the doors, and drains. Chemical killers like those timer set thinghies you plug in -just not in your bedroom. When the summer comes in, fans also help.

Hold the line!

Go and get a mosquito net for your bed. Yonghe mosquitoes will never surrender.

A battery-powered mosquito racket is an indispensable weapon in such a battle. Available at all better local stores.

We’ve got mosquito nets on the door frames - to bedrooms as well. Pretty easy to put up. Just get one of those retractable metal rod/frame things (which can be adjusted by turning one of the ends) that go from one side of the frame to the other, and thread a mosquito net through it. it’s worked really well for us. Like others have said - check any standing water - potted plants/flower vases/bamboo things are frequent offenders.

Mosquito tent on the bed. It seems like overkill but if you half close your eyes it seems like curtains on a four poster bed. Then, for the outer perimeter, a UV bug zapper. Maybe someone can recommend a good brand.

Yesterday I prepared what I believe that all of you with good taste for food would consider fucking awesome burgers, but it was at expense of creating a thick cloud of smoke that rapidly took over the whole flat. Obviously I had to open wide two windows, including the mosquito net panels.

Aftermath: 2 bites that I remember, 5 mosquitoes down (either sentenced to electric [strike]chair[/strike] raquet, or clapped to dead. Most of the bodies now float on my aquariums waiting for a fish to eat them).

I also saw another one this morning hanging off the door. A fat one.

I’m thinking of making some DYI trap with water, sugar and a plastic bottle… any experiences? :stuck_out_tongue:

Find out how they are getting in, then block it off. Under the front door is an obvious place. Also, keeping all internal doors closed can help you identify which room they first enter.

The Taiwanese will hang a mosquito net over the bed, spray the air with poison, wave around useless ultrasonic key fobs, or buy useless UV insect killers that don’t attract mosquitoes.

Basically, they will do pretty much anything except get off their fat asses to seal door gaps and fix the window fly screens where the mosquitoes come in …

If you have holes in your screens on the doors and windows thats how they are getting in, A/C vents and around the A/C Unit itself.
Stagnant water by washer / dryer area.
Also there are guys in open trucks, that drive around the city with loudspeakers… if you look they have all the equipment to replace broken screens.
They must drive through my neighborhood atleast once a week. I need their services myself, if/when I get this done I will let you know what to expect.

Trap the mosquito in a plastic container instead of killing it, and leave it there overnight as punishment.
I find that when you release it in the morning, it spreads the word round the 'hood that you’re running an insect detention centre, and they all tend to go someplace else.

Or neuter it first. That will put the fear of God into them.

I ended up fixing my own window screens for less than $4.00 USD! An online company wanted 900NT to come out and do the work… the old man who drove around asking people for work was a no show for several weeks, so I don’t know his price. But I doubt he could beat my $4.00 USD. The tool for molding the screen and string into the groove only cost 50NT, and the roll of screen was 70NT, I also bought string but ended up just reusing what was on the window. Easiest install ever! If you got holes… just find a local hardware store and get what you need. Youtube has videos how to do it, but I didnt need to take the window screens out, nor the doors. 30 minutes, done.