Most profitable freelance work?

I have a whole day’s work coming up that’ll earn me about NT$8,000 for sitting in on job interviews and assessing candidates’ English skills. Nice little earner, or so I thought … But today, I met a guy who got paid NT$30,000 for taking his camera gear to the beach for a day and photographing models in their swimwear (some models were foreigners and they wanted an English-speaking photographer). Thirty grand for a day of ogling chicks in bikinis! Well, my jaw dropped …

Anyway, this got me thinking – what other nice little earners are out there? What’s the most anyone got paid for a day’s “freelance work?”

NT$1200 per hour teaching at a public high school. Sadly just a one-off.

I earned NT$10,000 for starring in a TV commercial. The shooting took just a half day. But when you figure in the four auditions that didn’t pan out, and my $100 pair of shoes that was ruined because the ad involved me being drenched with water sprayed from a water truck, I guess that’s not such good compensation.

Even the $1,000/hour conversation 1 on 1 student I had for a while didn’t really work out to such great pay when I figure in all my prep and travel time.


Which is why I’m now working a regular job instead.