Most useful Masters degree in Taiwan to get a job?

What do you consider to be the most useful Masters degree in Taiwan to get a job?

  1. As a foreign looking native speaker of English
  2. As a Taiwanese looking native speaker of English aka ABC

Thoughts? :unamused:

Because you gots to learn your ABCs.

It depends on what job you want. If you want to teach English at a real school, an MA in English would be good. If you want to go into IT, an MA in computer science would be good. If you want to go into aeronautics, a PHD in physics would work. If you want to teach kindergarten and cram school and make a fair bit of cash, any graduate degree would be good (as long as you look like a whitey and speak Amerikan).

Ivy league degrees are helpful, Taiwanese seem to worship them.

Everybody does :frowning:

PhD in anything is better than an MSc. Then you can put Dr. in front of your name and that means you are better too.

Are Master degrees in Taiwan as useful as degrees from the US? Education is a lot cheaper in Taiwan but I don’t want to follow through with it if it won’t help much when compared to a degree from the States. Basically, is it worth it to get the degree in Taiwan? I’m talking about schools like NTU.

Also, does it really matter which university you studied in in the States? Of course, Ivy Leagues are the best but how important is it?

I’ve heard that looking Caucasian can land you almost any job but that doesn’t apply to me. I look more like :bow: lol!

Masters from outside Taiwan is always rated higher than inside Taiwan, except for Taiwan EMBA perhaps. That’s the way Taiwanese think, foreign is good. If you want a better job or better pay in Taiwan you need to show what skills you can bring from outside Taiwan.


The value of Taiwan EMBA is in the guanxi, all the connections you make with top execs who are also attending class.

A degree from the States is always valued, even from the Technical Institute of Trascendental Bowling.

Even a bowling degree from an Ivy League University takes precedence over anything else, even a degree tailored especifically for the job position under consideration.

Passport overrides any degree considerations.

Local PhDs are a dime a dozen… especially guys trying to avoid their military duty.

Any foreign university? :ponder: