Mother lode of Minnan stuff

It’s kind of hard to find, unless you are, ahem, fooling around on the Internet thinking about downloading large lists of words
[color=#0000FF]which of course I would never do[/color]
, but this site has an incredible amount of resources for Minnan. All in Mandarin and Minnan, though, no English to speak of.

The online dictionary is really good (you have to enter Mandarin characters to get Taiwanese in Church romanization) and if you click on the romanized form of the Minnan word, you get a concordance with tons of example sentences. There’s also an online database of electronic texts in Taiwanese. I haven’t fully explored the site yet, and my Minnan isn’t good enough to really enjoy everything, but it should be a great tool if you speak and read Mandarin already.

One resource from that site is one I’ve found useful on numerous occasions: … Taihoa.asp

Yeah…that dictionary was the point of entry from which I found the other stuff he has up on the site. I’d like to talk to them about adding English to the dictionary database, if I can locate them while I’m in Taiwan.