Motocross and ATVs tracks, trails groups and so on

Ok i know of a Motocross track in Hsinchu… but the community is very small there… few guys going randomly though the month…

anyone knows about a group of people that goes for trails in ATVs or Motocross with some “frequency”??
anyone interested in the sport? to the point of buying one to jump into it?

Definitely into MX and single track. Do you have any photos or video of the track? Are there many trails? Was really hoping Taiwan would have some decent off-road riding but after seeing the cost of a decent bike and having only shipped over my YZ85 mini-moto, my interest has gone down quite a bit. Would be willing to go check out the scene at the MX track.


Oh well, it was fun letting my imagination run wild about a nicely groomed track with knee deep loam, big elevation changes, sweet off camber turns and great jump and whoop obstacles.

Thanks for posting the video; can cross riding MX off my list of things to do while I’m here in Taiwan.

I’m guess with the topography of Taiwan being similar to Japan (abruptly steep Mt’s with heavy jungle growth) there will not be much in the way of trail riding here either? I’m sure the off-road community, whether MX or Enduro, is quite small as well judging by the overwhelming amount of responses this thread has.

If someone could tell me otherwise that would be good news.

I lived in Taiwan from 1996-2004 and make yearly trips back to visit friends and family. From 2001-2004 I lived in Kaohsiung and would regularly go mountain biking in the hills around Pingtung, Fengshan, Kenting, and south of Taitung. While I did find some single track, most were “out-and-back” technical trails and I never found any “loops”. What I did find were miles and miles of power line trails. I purchased several maps (pre-Google maps) in Chinese and used those to plan my trips. Now, the last time I rode those trails was Oct. of 2007. I rented a 150cc locally made dual sport. Very different from the WR I ride now. But, I had fun ripping up and down those trails from Fengshan down to Kenting. In all the years I rode in Taiwan, I never encountered another mountain biker or dirt biker off road. It was as if it was my own private playground. If you have any questions, I share w/ you my dated knowledge.