Motocross race (video) Hsinchu Taiwan 2008-04

Motocross video Hsinchu Taiwan 2008-04

wow that looks really fun. remindes me of my mt. bike days. Makes me wanna rethink going motocross. Now i see why dogma wants to keep his offroad tires :slight_smile:

If you wanna try I can arrange it for you.

If you wanna try I can arrange it for you.[/quote]

that sound like the godfather jejeje :wink:

that would be sweet. you got a bike i can borrow? :slight_smile:

I can set you up with the team I used to ride with. Actually you remember Adidas at TIS (he raced in the supermoto class, speaks English in the TIS video.)?

He has a few bikes and I am sure he wouldn’t mind sharing with you if I make a nice video of him looking great on his bike. Ha ha ha

If you wanna try I will ask him when is the next time he goes and try to match you guys.