Motogp Sepang Race 2011

What a terrible and tragic race. … o+injuries That was the scariest crash I have ever seen live. Not going to post the video. I’m sad, such a tragedy. What makes this worse is that it could mean an early retirement for both Edwards and Valentino.

OH MY GOD!! I download the races right after they air, so I can get the English, but you post caught my eye. I just found out about this and have watched the video over and over. I dont understand what happened. From the video it looks like Marco Simoncelli had a low-side. I don’t really understand what happened. It looks as if it is totally not Edwards or Rossi’s fault. I dont know what happened though because the camera doesn’t catch Marco in time. This is so horrible and sad!! Oh my god! I don’t even know what to say!

Sad day in MotoGP and sad week in racing altogether. Keep the shiny side up out there.

No one was at fault. There was no way Edwards or Rossi could have avoided hitting him. On Youtube there’s a replay of the accident which is in slowmo and you can see Marco’s bike slid right in front of Edward’s bike, and Rossi just missing, still debated whether he actually hit Marco at all. I can’t fathom what both Edwards and Rossi are feeling.

I saw a picture that I cant seem to find now that shows Rossi running over him too. It is pretty clear that Rossi hit him as well. What a horrible thing for both riders involved. R.I.P #58 … epang.html

Probably one of the most dangerous forms of motor racing .

Looks as though Marco lost the front after touching the painted edge of the rumble strip at the apex of turn 11 after battling with Bautista for half a lap. He slid out left together with the bike, then the front regained partial traction, either on it’s own or because MS58 was trying to save it, this caused the bike to veer suddenly to the right, back across the racing line and into the path of CE5 and VR46. Neither had even the slightest chance to even react, CE5’s bike hit him extremely hard in the mid-lower back, pushing him further across to the right where a fraction of a second later VR46’s bike hit him in the neck/torso with sickening violence, this isn’t too clear from the video, but still photos show VR46’s bike impacting MS58 in a horrific way. After losing his helmet in the impact MS58 was caught up in the tumbling bikes and slid to halt face down in the middle of the track. In all likelihood he was killed instantly as he was not breathing and was in cardiac arrest when track side medics arrived. Earlier reports that he regained consciousness in the clinca mobile were not true and the chief medical officer said in the press conference that after 45mins of trauma treatment and CPR they gave up attempts to resuscitate him. CE5 suffered a dislocated shoulder but will be fine.

Thoughts and prayers to his family, girlfriend, friends and colleagues, particularly Colin and Valentino.

Truly awful. One of the coolest blokes in it.