Motorcycle (Gogoro) loan

So, seriously looking at getting a gogoro S2 now hat we are settled.
The adventure model is appealing, ut for the 30k diff id rather aftermarket a regular s2 to my preffered specs.
Gogoro only offers one financing option. Apparently the monthy payments throuh telecom option from last year is gone now.
This bank… not o bank, but has an O logo… apparently will only service Taiwanese.
I know a Yamaha dealership on taipei that does financing for foreigners, but im not ready for a redplate yet.
Anyone know anything?
In have a sponsor friend from Taoyuen (the current biggest discount district with 28k govt refund), but dont want to pull the loan in his name if avoidable. Plus, id love to start building my credit for futurr ventures.
I was going to ask my banks CHB and Mega about options, but their english speaking staff
Here in Tainan are scarce…

Which bank has an O logo?
Chb is useless, old fashioned bank, won’t give foreigners credit without cosigners, Mega you might be able to twist their arm if you can involve a manager.

Conversely you can lean on gogoro head office and tell them you’ll buy one on the condition they arrange the financing

First Commercial Bank I reckon?


Unless anything changed since I last asked, foreigners are not eligible for government incentives. It’s stupid, we pay taxes too! However, that’s just how it is.

As for loans, if it’s anything like applying for a credit card, good luck!

I would advise finding a local you trust to register the vehicle for you, otherwise you will be paying full price.

Good luck!

I guess they want us foreigners to keep using gas scooters since there is no incentive to go green

Yeah, it’s too bad, but we’re such a minority that, we probably don’t make a huge difference.

I do know some foreigners that have bought without help of a local to register their Gogoro though.

I always find it interesting that we are too small of a group to make a difference but we aren’t too small enough for entities, business or government, to make time to write specific restrictions for.
Edit to add
On this topic I had to go to one of my banks of 5 years today, Taichung bank. I asked about a small loan of 100 to 200k, no way foreigner. I asked what about a secured loan, like for a house or car. Nope.

Closed the account today, the bank manager came over to ask why. He’s a nice guy personally so I told him. He didn’t see any problem… just keep it for savings he said, loans and bank account have no 關係。 I said I prefer to put my money in a place where I can access all the services. I haven’t found such a place yet.


This is the loan application.
I’ve been advised to ask for a CC from Cathay through Costco by just turning/mailing in the application to Costco.
Friends said they had luck this way, that going to the bank they were turned down, but got it in two weeks by mail.
So, I guess I will try that.
Yeah, just got back from CHB, chose them bc they let me have a dual USD TWD account to and required no ARC to open.
But, if I have a cosigner … That’s not my credit I’m building. Kinda defeats the point.

And I do have a couple for the gogoro. A friend from Taoyuan so we can get the max 28k refund.
The bike does have to be in his name.
The loan too. But if I do a partial down payment and than pay monthly on a card, he can get the refund and I can finance it with payments on my card.
I think you can only do this with TW cards.
It’s a freaking gogoro though. Not like they could t shut it off remotely if I missed a payment w a foreign card, but … anyways

I assume you already figured out some way around the problem for the Gogoro?

But I’m curious about what Yamaha branch it was that said they’d do red plate financing for foreigners.

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