Motorcycle/scooter ride; Sanxia mountain backroads

Well almost nobody seems to care about this post in the motorcycletouring posts, so I post it here.

Ok, so nobody wanted or could join me on the planned short ride along Sanxia’s mountain backroads last weekend.

Anyway I’ll try again to gather some people for the same ride (motorcycle/scooter) this weekend, Saturday or Sunday (October 25-26).

Plan is to start at around 9:00 - 9:30 AM from Sanxia driving to Tashi for a hike on White Stone mountain, returning via Ingge to Sanxia late afternoon.

We can have lunch (if wanted) between San Min and Fuxing in a place called Swiss country village restaurant, it has a nice outdoor terrace overlooking the mountains.

After the hike we can drive along Shimen reservoir and stop at a place (Lakeside hotel) overlooking Shimen lake for afternoon coffee/tea (option).

Good opportunity to meet new people and see other places!

Interested? Let me know here or in a PM


Difficult to say why nobody replied. Looked like a good plan. Maybe everybody was busy last weekend.

I think this post does really belong in the motorcycle touring thread, though, and since you already posted this info there maybe this new thread’s a bit redundant.


I thought so too but maybe only hardcore motorcycle fans are posting there.

bottleneck: this may come as a surprise to you, but maybe not everyone who posts in “motorcycle touring” lives in Taipei, and so wouldn’t respond to your offer for road trips in that area…

That’s not a suprise at all, even I don’t live in Taipei.
The reason why I try to post it here is that this way the offer is open to everyone who rides a scooter or motorcycle but doesn’t read the motorcycle touring thread and wants to enjoy a nice day in the countryside.

It might be one of the last opportunities this year for a beautiful day out on the scooter.

Possibly most people in Taipei only think about Yangminshan for outings, but Taipei county has also things to offer south of Taipei.

Anyway, I hope to reach at least a few people.