Motorcycle selection in taiwan

im lookin to buy a motorcycle in the next month, i dont really know what all is available though.

i have an fzr 600 in the states , so i really like the fzr 150’s or the rzr looks good too, [ slick wheels ]. can anyone help me out with some info about these models or similar ones available, pro’s / con’s and roundabout prices, and best places to look/purchase @. would be much appreciated. thanks

  • buddha

The RZRs here are 135cc and 2-stroke. They spew too much crap. That’s why I got rid of mine. Drove a Breeze (FZR) for a long time until it finally died. It served me well. They are getting old here though and finding a decent used one is a bit of a trick. There are no new FZR or RZRs though, to my knowledge.

If you want any acceleration at all, the rzr is a much better choice. Waiting for the fzr to gradually gain speed while everyone zips around you can be tiring at best. Maybe you should consider a 250cc or larger bike, like a Honda Hornet or CBR400 super four.

would love a 250 or 400, how much do they run ?

i only have about 30,000 now and need to get one to commute to/from work

For 30,000 you won’t get a 250+ unless it’s plateless… and then you’d be lucky…

If you’re gunna be a long-termer… consider getting something crap to serve you for now and then saving for something better… unfortunately, if you want something good, you have to pay through the teeth for it here… also, if you want above 249cc, you’re gunna need a ‘big bike licence’… Hornet 250 is the best you can get on a normal licence (IMHO - but only cause you can’t register an RS250)

If you’re only here short term, then why bother? You’re only gunna lose money in the end. Get an FZR or something, and just accept it for what it is… just a workhorse…

I’ve got a scooter for sale that would be faster than an FZR and might be able to keep up with an RZR…maybe. If it’s speed that you want.

Also, before you can even apply for a “big bike license”, you’ll need to have had a Taiwan “regular bike license” for at least a year.

Also, before you can even apply for a “big bike license”, you’ll need to have had a Taiwan “regular bike license” for at least a year.[/quote]

Needless to say, that doesn’t mean you can’t drive a motorcycle here if you don’t have a license. :smiley:

Mer, are you really still in Taibei? I thought licence free scootin’ was relegated to the deep south these days.