Motorcycle taxi, have you seen one in your area?

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Where was this photo taken? Maybe on one of the outlying islands? I have never seen them on Taiwan proper.

I do like the live chicken on the footboard.

Actually this photo came from a student short film project. It was on the news also.

Off topic but I recall seeing the only rickshaw that I have seen in Taiwan on my first trip to Taiwan in . . . . .1992? Hsinchu. Old tired looking guy. And have you ever seen the heavy duty trucks with the single front wheel? Scary stuff, that. And that was in Taipei.

Isn’t it interesting that Taiwan does not allow motorcycle taxi’s, something that would help the environment, reduce pollution, make getting around easier, give people jobs, etc.?

Taxi car mafia too strong.

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Is it illegal in Taiwan?
I thought it never caught because scooter is so cheap here that everybody has one.

I imagine insurance rates would be pretty high. Just a guess.

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