Motorola V3: What'dya think?

Just for the record: I’ve done a search and nothing came up.

My question is this: Are there any Motorola V3 owners out there? If so, I’d like to hear from you. I’m interested in buying the V 3 but would like to get your opinions, ratings, feelings, etc.

Oh yeah, I already checked out the website and related links and I didn’t find it particularly helpful. Some personal feedback would be appreciated very much.

Thanks in advance!

Stanley Livingstone

Motorola V3 review and user opinions

mostly the opinion of users is the same as mine… it’s pretty but being very thin is basically it’s only function… also it still sells for around NT$16k which is way too much for what it is and how old it is now… also Motorola UI is clunky and illogical if you’re not used to it…

The V3 was the phone i went to buy, but after looking at it and comparing cost vs. features… the Sony Ericsson K-750i is what I came home with… fantastic phone, terrible TV advert…

I’ve been thinking of one as well, especially now that the more stylish black version is out. I’ve seen the silver one for $12k, which is comparable to other high end phones here.

Thanks plasmatron and naijeru! I appreciate your comments. Like naijeru, I also got my eye on the black version. Of course it is, just because I like it, more expensive than the silver one. :wink:

Good-looking phone, but how functional and user-friendly is it? From the reviews I’ve read it’s basically a question of “I love it!” or “Utter rubbish!” Just wondering whether a forumosan or two have hands-on experience with the V3.

I have the black one and I love it. I’ve had it about 1 1/2 months. I wasn’t a fan of Motorola before although I’ve have quite a few of them. But they have really turned things around with this model. Great style, light weight, good software/navigation, and excellent battery life.

Motorola’s software used to be awkward, but they have shot past Nokia on this one. On standby I get about 1 week battery life. The V3 is so light you’ll forget you are carrying it.

The pictures it takes are good also.

I highly recommend the V3. I was planning on getting a PDA phone will all the tools but I’m really happy that I got this one instead.

Thanks elektronisk! I’m faced with exactly the dilemma mentioned in your post: Do I get a PDA/pocket PC/phone thingy or do I stick with a phone like the V3? Also, Ive always been a Nokia fan - I always had a Nokia - so I’m not sure whether I should change to Motorola. :loco:

I have a Nokia of some description. It rings, you can dial, get voicemail, it has an address book and it has a naked Japanese popstar on it. What more do you need? Plus it only cost like NT$600.

Edit: Just took another look, and it also has a message on it that says: “Heart thief you are. Angel in the daytime, devil in the night.”

And it looks cool in your car too, Sandman. :wink: