Mount Tsao Moon World Tainan County

Has anyone been to this place in Tainan County? No, it’s not an amusement park.

“Moon World is a classic example of a chalk badlands terrain. In geological terms it comprises highly saline limestone with a sandstone and shale structure, so that in an area of several hundred hectares no plants grow and the highly eroded ground is bare, creating a “lunar” landscape.”

And check out the flaming spring in this link below. Scroll down the page to Kuantzuling Scenic Area.

Pictures of Kuanzhuling at:

The flames are large and quite spectacular at night, but most people don’t go at night as it’s dark and there’s very little parking space.

There’s something similar in Kenting, but we visited during the day and the tiny flames were almost invisible. They didn’t even show up in photos.

There is one other place I hope to visit, called ‘water flowing up’. This is along the highway along the ocean between Taitung and Hualien. The name’s rather suggestive…

Moon World is about an hour’s drive outside of Tainan and is worth a glance, but not much more than that. The hills are not so much impressive as bearing a strong resemblence to the ash grey strip-mined coal dumps of West Virginia - not exactly a great example of natural beauty, if you ask me.

Guantzling, on the other hand, is a great place. The hot springs themselves are nothing to get worked up about, but the hills around it are spectacular and make for some good hiking. There are plenty of trails around the resorts - wonderful scenery.

Worth stopping in for a minute or two if you’re traveling along that road. Not much to see – its just a narrow drainage ditch by the side of the road with a couple of stalls selling digua and shrjia. I suppose it really does appear that the water is flowing uphill. Whoop de do. Don’t make a special trip for it!

Agree with Mod Lang regarding Moon World. It’s worth a look (I guess the appeal is that it’s so different from Taiwan’s normally lush hillsides and mountainsides), but not during the summer (as the name suggests, you won’t too much protection from the sun).

Sandman: So it’s just an illusion? I thought the winds might be really strong there or something.

Nice pictures shimmers. Those flames really leap up!

Did you or anyone else get to the fossil museum in the area? It’s supposed to have the remains of rhinos and elephants along with assorted sea life. If the fossils are large enough I imagine it would be interesting to see them.

Thanks, Mucha Man. I’m not sure if you mean the Chiayi stone museum. I don’t believe it has rhinos though there are dinosaurs and some kind of deer.
Pictures at: … ne_museum/
There’s another in the Tainan area that I’d like to visit.

Nope the museum is in Tainan county not Chiayi:

Tsailiao Fossil Museum 61-1 Junghe Village, Tsochen Rural Township, Tainan County Tel: (06) 573-1174 Hours: 8:30-12:00, 13:30-17:00, Tuesday afternoon to Sunday.

I guess it’s not really near Kuantziling, but more southern Tainan.

Yep, its an illusion, not strong wind or anything. If you actually see it for yourself you’ll realize that in fact its pretty simple to explain (but much more difficult to describe in print, so I won’t try :wink: .)

Mucha Man: much obliged for the address. I believe I’ve passed it on the way to elsewhere. Maybe next time!

I’m planning for a trip in December and will chek it out then. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

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