Mountain Bike and a Graphic Designers Drawing Table

I want to buy a good mountain bike for general fitness. I have heard they are cheap in Taiwan. Any idead on where to buy one in Nei Hu or nearby.

I also want one of the tables artists and graphic designers use. It slants diagonally away from you and can be adjusted for tilt, and has a slide rule attached to it. Any ideas?

For mountain bikes, there’s a Giant store on Chenggong Rd Sec. 3. There’s a Merida store on Kang Ning Rd. Sec 1, up the hill from XingYun St.

…As for a designer table. I have a really nice professional one (with light) brought back from the US during a move, but don’t need it anymore.

Drop me a line if you are interested:


Alan’s Bikes on Roosevelt Road about 60 meters south of Keelung (Right hand side as you travel south). I am sure I’ve posted the address for the store somewhere in here (use search). Alan is one of the top riders in the country and Yen speaks perfect English.

If you PM me, I’ll give you my real name and you may get a special deal if you use it. No promises, mind you, just maybe…