Mountain Biking trails in Taipei?

Anybody know of any really good off-road trails in or around the city? I’m looking for technical riding, moderate to advanced, and trails with a good ratio of ride:carry.
Any tips on where to ride on other parts of the island are appreciated too.
Thanks for any advice.

Contact the guys at the Formosan Fat Tire Association.
They know some good trails, but they won’t TELL you where the trails are because they want to SHOW you instead. Meaning, they want you to tag along with them for a ride, which, if you were the same caliber cyclist as they are, then you’d probably have fun.

Definitely contact the FFTA guys if you’re looking for a ride. They took me out a while back. They do know of some good trails - the only problem is that most of the trails are so hard to find and follow that it would be impossible to do without their help. I thought that they should put maps on the site, but they would be pointless - GPS wouldn’t even get you through the trail that I rode with them.

Ride on Fat Boys (and Girls)!

Although it was not off road I went for a great ride to Manyue Yuan (full moon park), near Sanhsia today. Details are here:

There are plenty of great roads through the mountains with hardly any traffic around Sanhsia and Tucheng. Email me if you want more details.

Thanks to one and all for tips/info. Keep it coming. Let’s share what we know.

If anyone has some good information about rides anywhere in Taiwan I am happy to post it on my web site. Just send me some text (and photos if you have them) and I will do the rest.

Some very good friends of mine own a bike shop. They are known all over the city because the owner, Alan, is re-inventing the art of mountain biking (he’s quite the celebrity in the riding circle) and his wife, Yen, is completely bilingual. They run a small, informal riding club and provide excellent customer service. Drop by and see them. You can find them at Alan’s Bikes Roosevelt Rd, Sec 5…#40

Tell them Stewart sent ya…probably worth 5-10% off for saying that…

Let me know how things work out for you…