Mountain Dew


Where can I get some? Love the stuff, but just can't seem to get any in Taiwan.

And I'm really busy, so if it could be delivered, that would be great! :wink:


Stray,, your barking up my

But shipping on it would be a killer. I could get you a case and possibly bring it by your place in Bali this weekend.

Check out the website

By the way,, in my information page I linked your animals Taiwan.. hope you don't mind.


Sounds great! Not sure if I'll be at Bali or not, but I can meet you somewhere.

What a great idea your Web site is! :slight_smile:


Heh, ive got a fridge full, used most of my weight allowance coming back from the states durring xmas, its like a drug ive been trying to ween myself from it for the last year.


American Mt Dew is the original. Do not accept imitations! Japanese Mt Dew doesn't taste the same!


Really, My source brings it in threw the philipines.. Tastes the same and only has english on the can. So I guess it must be the real deal.

I just need to find the Dr. Pepper importer. Anyone know who that is? Or if anyone buys a can, look at the white label on it and give me that taiwan number on the can. I'd really appreciate it and will give you a discount on the first case you buy from


Wholly cow!! Been here 18 months and this is the first I have heard of this site. Thanks!!! I will check it out in further detail and place and order, no doubt!!


thanks boysmap.

But we are new, that's why you never heard of us.. Keep an eye on the site this week. about 30 new surprises coming.. even Edge shaving cream.. :slight_smile: :laughing:


Great!! Glad to hear it!! :bravo:

I lived in Japan for 13 years before coming here to Taiwan. There was a small company that started out the way you did called FBC.

I watch that guy turn that thing into just the hugest money maker and greatest deal for foreigners. I hope you can do the same for us here in Taiwan!!!


That's just awesome.. Thanks so much, it's great to know it works. I got my shipment in and will put everything on the site. I also updated the shopping cart option to include shipping in the price. That way if you use the shopping cart (which is just PayPal) then we will pay the shipping.

I think I should talk to that guy and pick his brain a

The one thing I like about us a bit more is that if you order our products we will ship them out to you within 2 days.. He takes a month, but then he has a lot more products. He ships from the US. Not bad..


Go to the stores for Filipino expats. They're usually stocked with Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper as well.


I like how you have started and think (and hope) you have a chance of turning your place into something great. As for, things that can be found within Japan were shipped within 2-5 days. The month long deal for deliver was when you bought a case of something. A case of tomoato soup or a box/case of cereal.

Both things were a great deal and I never had any regrets waiting long when I REALLY thought I need 6 jumbo boxes of Captain Crunch.

Again, my continued support with your estore!


They stock Mt. Dew but I've yet to find a Philipino store stocking Dr. Pepper. I know the supplier for the stores here in Taoyuan County. If you find Dr. Pepper in one of those stores in your area you'd be doing me a big favor by giving me their contact info. It will be on the little white sticker on the back of the can.


proto ... i'll look today.

the DIY in chung li on the big ring road has had dr. p everytime i've been in there. the M-I-L lives next door, so if i don't forget, you'll have your number.


Thanks Train. That's what I need. A little help from all will take this thing a long way..


blame the rain .. i didn't get there. the wife said she'd get the info tomorrow, or i will on thursday. just rein in the horses for a few days ...


Hey Train,

Them horses are getting tired.. You find out anything?? Got my booth for Spring Scream and hoping to take about 10 cases down with me.


no more mountain dew or dr. p, and no info about distributers.

sorry dude, the search begins anew.


I have a question...a while ago, they were bitchin' about Mountain Dew containing high concentrations of Yellow 5 and thus decreases sperm count...whatever happened to that? Futhermore, is sperm count correlated with your ability to get it up? I can accept the fact that I can still get it up and have a low sperm count by drinking Mountain Dew...but I cannot accept the fact that by drinking Mountain Dew, my dick can't perform...thank you for any info!!!


I know Marriage has that affect but not sure about Mountain Dew. I do know it has the highest caffine of any soft drink.

Train, I contact the Jason's supplier and he says he's exclusive to Jasons and that store in Tienmu. I'm fighting with them now about it but not looking good as they are opening a Jasons in Taichung this year with 2 more to follow down south.

But I'll still beat their prices.. :wink: