Mountain in Hsinchu county

Hi. Can anyone share some good options for mountain near Hsinchu city/county? I dont want to hike/climb. It is okay if the mountain is small. I have seen some beautiful photos of mountains in Taiwan. Wondering if I can just take an uber and visit some of them.

Huge mountains east of city past Zhudong.

Without a car here’s a train ride to an old street where you’re in a valley surrounded by mountains.

Neiwan Old Street

Uber might not be high potential but you could probably book a day trip for a few thousand with the taxi or travel company.

Visiting mountains in that area for the view is hit and miss cuz you may look up and say it’s a beautiful day and then by the time you get there it’s fogged in.

Better to try and go up higher and stay at least one night where you have a chance for clear skies and maybe a beautiful sunset or sunrise

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taipei has loads of good mountains with very decent public transit going to some great spots. strain to Taipei from hsinchu is fast, easy and cheap :slight_smile:

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How is this posted under health and fitness if the goal is to say f-it to hiking or climbing and just take an uber?

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Mental health is important, too. Nothing wrong with a change of scenery.

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That’s totally fair. The mountains here are great for boosting mental health.

Yeah, I mean you don’t have to surf, swim or scuba dive just because you go to the beach. Not everyone is Canadian or Aussie. lol

could you share some examples?

Taipei is mostly surrounded by mountains. some are private lands, some are extreme.

there are buses, met, trains, public bikes, and taxi/uber services everywhere so it is far easier compared to most of taiwan to get to nature. my hiking is mostly work related and we have machines to get in, so I cant say I like trail a or b etc. but Google has loads of options, in english, to explore. I think taipei is probably the best city in taiwan to be in and explore nature without a car/scooter because there are so many transportation methods available.

I really like the Wulai area because we often are searching for specific plants and and animals. Yangmingshan has loads of places. although usually busy with people, amazingly easy to find various wildlife.

basically all the mountains South through East of Taipei I feel are exceptional.

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Thanks a lot.