Mouth Breathing is really bad for you

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Mouth Breathing: Symptoms, Complications, and Treatments.

Can mouth breathing lead to health problems?

Mouth breathing is very drying. A dry mouth means that saliva cannot wash bacteria from the mouth. This can lead to:

Mouth breathing may result in low oxygen concentration in the blood. This is associated with high blood pressure and heart failure. Studies show mouth breathing may also decrease lung function, and worsen symptoms and exacerbations in people with asthma.

In children, mouth breathing can lead to physical abnormalities and cognitive challenges. Children who aren’t treated for mouth breathing can develop:

  • long, narrow faces
  • narrow mouths
  • gummy smiles
  • dental malocclusion, including a large overbite and crowded teeth
  • poor posture

Additionally, children who breathe through their mouths often don’t sleep well at night. Poor sleep can lead to:

  • poor growth
  • poor academic performance
  • inability to concentrate
  • sleep disorders,learning%20difficulties%20than%20nasal%20breathers.

A total of 357 records were obtained, of which 43 records were duplicate. After applying the eligibility criteria, ten articles were included in the research scope. Half of the studies used a control group and otorhinolaryngological assessment, whereas a minority used validated (20%) and sample calculation protocols (10%). The evaluation procedures were varied. Overall, 80% of the articles showed a higher incidence of learning disabilities among mouth breathers.


This systematic review has shown that mouth breathers are more likely to have learning difficulties than nasal breathers.

In children, mouth breathing can cause crooked teeth, facial deformities, or poor growth. In adults, chronic mouth breathing can cause bad breath and gum disease. It can also worsen symptoms of other illnesses.

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