Move Notes from Evernote to Google Keep

I want to move all Evernote notes to Google Keep and have been looking for a process or method or steps.

It looks like there is not yet a way to do it unless copy/paste one at a time and I have hundreds.

It seems to have an export feature on PC, can you do it from there?

As of a year ago, this migration could not be done

Google Keep is a very simple and useful note application — if you start it from scratch. There is currently no way to move data from Evernote (or any other app) to Google Keep, even if you wanted to.

It’s always difficult to get used to a new application when you’ve invested a lot of time, effort, and content in one such as Evernote. But if you can easily move from one app to the other — as you can with at least three of these notebook apps — then the hardest part is taken care of.

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Yes, Evernote has an export function. However, there is no suitable method to import the notes into Google Keep.

There is a workaround to import the data but then it’s just one big note file and not separate notes. Like combining all word documents into one word document and no way to separate.

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If you want, you could use CloudHQ to backup your Evernote files into Drive then, from Drive, create notes from Google Docs. Tedious and not a lot better than simply copying by hand.

Of course, if Google Keep had a way to import such files, they are setup so differently that it would likely be a mess.

I’m hoping Google Keep comes up with a way to conveniently import all notes from Evernote.