Movie ratings (and enforcement) in Taiwan

I’ve asked this to real life people, who have provided a variety of answers so I’m opinion shopping with you folks, who may or may not be real.

Do movie theaters in Taiwan enforce ratings?

For instance, The Joker is PG15 and Rambo is R. Does that mean nobody under the age of 15 would be able to see either movie? How do they enforce this when you buy tickets online? Is it more of a suggestion or do they really check IDs?

Some movie theaters check for ID, but I don’t think it’s all of them.

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I think unless you’re a 8 year old trying to watch jackass 3, they don’t really care. I’ve never been IDed when I was under 18.

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About as much as they check ID for beer at local shops.

As always, Taipei is likely different.

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