Movies Made Into Pornos

What would a certain movie be called if it was turned into a porno? Post any that you can think of.

In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon
Bowling for Concubines
Titty Titty Gang Bang
Jurassic Pork
Whore of the Rings
The Bare Wench Project
Cape Rear
Arm in my Darkness
Shaving Private Ryan
28 Lays Later
Laid in Manhattan
Gang Bangs of New york
Good Will Humping
Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner
Pulp Friction
Schindler’s Fist
As Good as Head Gets
Star Tramp: The Next Penetration

I have The Bare Wench Project" on VHS I think it is. Unless I threw it away. Totally stupid romp in the desert with half wit silicon monster tits kinda deal.

The Fistrix (Starring Keanu Pervs)
The Fistrix - Recocked
The Fistrix - Analolutions
The Fannymatrix - DVDA

Edward Penishands.
NOTE: Link goes to Something Awful review. Not entirely NSFW.

Malcolm XXX
Sperms Of Endearment
Moulin Splooge
American Booty
Honey, I Blew Everybody
Tits a Wonderful Life
Thighs Wide Open
Pulp Friction
Sheepless in Montana
Twin Cheeks
White Men Can’t Hump

The Sure-Spank Redemption
Schindler’s Fisting
One Came Over the C@#$sucker’s Breast
Citizen Came
Star Whores
The Used-by-all Strumpets
Rear Endowed
City of Doggy-style
12 Horny Men
Meat the F@%kers
Charlie and the Chocolate Speedway
Open ‘er lips Now
Palms of Glory
She’s a Rider
Fuck Club
Her Third Man
Swingin’ in the Rain
Das Boob
To Fill a Knocking Bird
Dinner Beneath the Bridge on the River Kwai
Taxi Muffdiver
The Ball-Tease Falcon
All 'av 'ad Eve
Requiem for a Wet Dream
The Penis-t
No-Teeth Python and the Holy Grail
Shaving Ryan’s Privates
The Jism of Oz
Lick Bill
Million Dollar Babes
Fisting Nemo
Anal Hall
American Hair Pie
The Pavement Princess Brides
The Sex Sense
It Happened All Night
Forest Hump
Full Metal Jack-Off
Motel Panderer
The Great Dick-Sucker
The Paedophilia Story
Butch Lezzy and the Sundance Kid
The Golden Shower Rush
The Fleece Hunter
Back Door the Future
The Hung-Like-An-Elephant Man
The Adventures of Robin’s Wood
Die Hard-On
Glad He Ate Her
Lost in Fornication
Kinky Kong
A Streetwalker Named Desire
Main-Vein Man
Morning Pride and Prejudice
The Bordello Submarine
Flog-the-Dog Day
The Italian Blow Job

You’ve put a lot of thought into this, haven’t you.

Stray dog do you have a lot of time on your hands and a quick wit or the ability to google really well or some of both?

I accidently played a role in a porn movie btw. I was one of 4,000 people who took their clothes off in Melbourne for a famous photographer. We did 3 sites and froze at 5.00am

Later I heard that movies were shot and made into porn, not sure what the title was and I don’t really want to know.

Crouching Hooker Hidden Sausage (I thought I’d never be able to use this in a post)
When Harry Met Pussy
Training Day

:bravo: :bravo: Good one, my thought also :bravo: :bravo:

Just bought my first computer and trying to put it to good use. :blush:

I am in tears over this one. I’ll be giggling all day, and won’t be able to explain to anyone why.

Thanks man! :fume:

Chewycorns, you’ve done it now!!

the bourne indecency
the bourne supremacy (bondage one)
see willie
the sound of fucking

The Barely Legals Have Landed
The Porn Supremacy
A Hard Gay’s Night
Die Hardcore
Deepthroat Space Nine
Murder Shemale Wrote
Sabrina the Pre-Teen Witch
James Bondage
Bubble Cum
Honey, I Blew the Kids
Teasy Rider

these are great!

I know Chewycorns added

Shaving Private Ryan

how about Shaving Ryan’s Privates
Look Who’s Porking?