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Wasn’t never no kudos here. You must be confusing us with some other site. We had “recommendations” for a while, and “guanxi” way back, until the massive guanxi inflation collapse

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Hmm. Maybe I’m misremembering with “Recommendations” then. Did we used to have little footers below the message, saying “So-and-so recommended this post”, or is that just a memory from The Other Place as well?

I can’t really remember anymore! I think so.

Please please please

For TG

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then i need this!


These last ones are great!
That’s what we need!

Have you made up your mind yet, @shiadoa?

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I take that as a yes :grin:
It’s just that I didn’t see your vote in the poll above :wink:




I’ve got a better one for @shiadoa :sunglasses:


I’ve just opened the Pandora Box, haven’t I?