Moving jobs, mid contract

I am going to quit my job in August, 2002, by mutual arrangement with my school (it’s a good time for both of us, for me to leave, and I leave on good terms with an excellent reference). They said they will cancel my ARC, work permit, and issue a release letter, but will not agree to a transfer. This has long been the policy of this chain school – no transfers.

I wish to go on vacation for a month and then return to find legal employment again. The school says I will be able to get a new work permit and ARC. I spoke to the manager of another school yesterday and she seemed to think it was okay too.
I just wondered if any teachers out there had any comments to make. Does this sound ok?

Sounds like you are running on “hearsay”. Why don’t you get copies of the relevant government regulations and have someone with good legal knowledge review them for you?