Moving to Kaohsiung, what water filter (brand) would you recommend?

Never bought one before so I appreciate any suggestion. Budget around 5k. Thank you.

Buying water is safer. And for about 40 TWD per 6 liter does not really cost the world

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I use the budget version of this

It’s exactly the same two filters, but stuck on the wall with a tap adapter.

Without the resin filter, the water in my place is too hard.

We have water send home and my workplace about NT$30 per 20L, sent there weekly paid by 3 month period.


About 1500 a month in summer (for 2 people), that’s not very cheap. Also, we will live in the 5th floor with no elevator, don’t mind the exercise but buying 2 bottles every 2 days is not very convenient.

@PeiHua-Connie that sounds better, is the water really clean though?

@monokuro thanks I was actually watching a video of this product earlier.

I bought a filter from Sakura ($8000 including installation). They have different models - only the more expensive one produces water safe to drink without cooking it first according to the store I went to.

So be careful when getting a filter - many Taiwanese will cook their water before drinking and some filters are actually meant to be used that way!

They also sell RO-systems (reverse osmosis), but those start at $15k and produce lots of waste water. But then the water will be even purer.

You can get RO systems for far less than that, something like

If you buy in a bricks and mortar you can easily bargain in a years supply of filters too. The key to buying any of these systems is to be sure it uses generic filters and not brand/machine specific else you’re tied to that company and their prices.

Actually I wanted to buy one similar to these first. However, the store convinced me not to as the water in the tank can go stale quite easily apparently. And they seem to make some noise during purification which can be an issue if you don’t have door between kitchen and bed.

However, looking at “water purity for money spent” these kind of systems probably come out quite ahead.

lol, nonsense ! Probably trying to sell you an expensive "tank less " system, there’s not that much profit in a 6000nt system for them !

The water won’t go stale. How long do you think bottled water spends from purification to consumption ? what’s the use by date ?

The system will definitely make noise however it only runs to fill the tank when it gets low, it won’t randomly turn on. The noise is not that loud and you can simply turn it off anyway.

My friend recommended me to buy RO but I did some research and it produces a lot of waste water. Done a lot of research and still couldn’t find one. I’m alone here so I figured it’s cheaper for me to buy 6L bottle. It’s just dreadful to carry 2 of them and walk 600m from Showba to my house. I also fill up my 1.6L water bottle whenever I come back from the gym or office. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can also get water from the water stations if you don’t mind carrying it, usually 1nt per liter.

good lord that’s expensive! I pay for the medium price water from the machine. it’s 10 NTD for 10 liters.

couldn’t help you there i refill my 6 liter bottles from the water machine for cheap and then put it in the electric kettle before drinking.

for coffee i just have a cheap brita filter. i run tap water through it and then boil it. it’s for coffee so the taste doesn’t matter. but i don’t have 5k to drop on water so maybe i’m not the right one to ask.

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I’ve been doing it the other way around. Which one is better? Brita then boil or boil then Brita?

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Not sure it matters. I like to keep Brita full so I kettle boil, then pour into Brita after cool, then kettle boil another and it’s usually cool before pouring. I don’t put hot water into Brita as not sure of impact on filters.

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We do not use water filter, but buy from machines or once a week on our street is the water truck (ask people living where you will go for schedule if in urban area). I have never been sick from the water, but people tend boil it in Taiwan or heat it in water pot, if your coming from elsewhere in Taiwan should be no different. Most of tap water now comes from the mountains or Kaoping river, but some places not connected to main tap will be using wells from ground water that is the problem, you can ask locally. Also clean out roof top water tower. At my house we have someone clean it out once a year and dry it out. Living things maybe inside, so still boil it as filters will not get some bacteria. Lots of the time water out of the treatment plant to good, but by the gets out your tap not as good, going though old pipes (less a problem in new homes).

I tell everyone to use a Grayl bottle. You can order them from REI (Free international shipping on orders over US$150, I think, but beware of import taxes here). They work kind of like a French press. Bottle is 70-90USD, filters (work for about 5 months with normal drinking habits for me) are US$25. I like it because they filter out literally everything and I can take it with me. No extra water weight to lug around. I’ve been to too many places in TW where the “drinking water” leaves my metal flask stinky as heck and I end up with more and more of a stomachache the more water I drink. Since this is just a bottle, it’s a pain in the ass if you’re cooking pasta, but you can bring it anywhere. Also, you don’t have to worry about installing and such if/when you move.

I do not want to create a new thread so I post here.

We live in Kaohsiung and my wife is suggesting to buy this system by 3M - (3m filtrete heat 2000 ). Do you think it is ok to drink the water directly from the tap or is just for washing fruits/vegetables?
Are reverse osmosis (these 3 filter packs like this - any better?

It has the s004 filter so you can drink it, however as I said in my post above, without an added resin filter I find the water here too hard and don’t like the taste.

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I use a Watpure filter (same as Multipure in the US) and drink directly from the tap. Have been drinking it for years and haven’t had a problem, but I live in Taipei, so not sure about KH. You only need to change the filter once a year.

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