Moving to Los Angeles

question I am moving to LA and what’s the best way to bring money there? wiring money there I would need an account first but I don’t have any account open yet…I heard you can wire moeny without opening an account and just wire money over the phone…is that safe?
how about bring check there? cashiers check I believe? but check bring there it might take like couple week for it to clear out? any other ways what’s the best way? thanks in advance…
btw I heard CA is real expensive to live in…never live there before anyone can tell me anything I shuld know about?


Don’t make any wrong turns to East LA!!!

Santa Monica is very fresh.

LA is very expensive and are you prepared to “keep up the Jonses”?

I’m trying to have someone use my Taiwanese bank account in San Diego by using the ATM. It’s on the PLUS network, so I think I should be able to use it, but for some reason it hasn’t been working… I wish I knew why. Can anyone give me advice about using a Taiwanese account from America?


Geez, six months ago you were asking lots of questions about moving to Taiwan and NOW you’re asking questions about moving to LA, what happend to moving to Taiwan?!

To answer your question probably traveler’s checks.

I remember a thread sometime back where someone said that accounts for foreigners (non-Taiwanese) would not allow overseas withdrawals with a Plus/Cirrus card. Search the forums.

I had no trouble withdrawing money from my Taiwan ICBC account all over Europe, western and eastern last month.

I also wire money each month to my personal account in the US.
You can always wire your dough,
you know …

Yeah, it worked for me, too. Still, from the credit card thread, we know that the banks have different rules here, so you would want to be sure before you left.

LA seems to have an awful reputation for its crime and melting pot of cultures. Is it really such a bad place?

The ATM works fine now… my mom had to select Checking, not Savings as she tried first… so if you’re not worried about the daily cash limit of $200 you can use a Taiwanese account in San Diego with “Plus”

jeffg lol…you remember so clearly huh? good for you…well in TW things are different then the states…not really used to it. also I don’t have much work experience since I have always been studying…I think I need to improve on myself hehe…but hey LA ain’t so bad…

Crime and melting pot bad in LA?

Crime is worse than Taiwan of course, but hey … I walked alone around Hollywood (Sunset and Santa Monica Blvds) at 2 am and I didn’t feel threatened at all …

And as to the melting pot, that’s just one of the things that’s so good about LA. All those restaurants and people from all over the world. LA is one of the most cosmopolitan places on earth.
Where else could you eat Middle Eastern ice cream, hear skaters and old ladies in supermarkets speak Russian, and meet gorgeous African-American and Somalian ladies?

And no, I’m not some hyperpatriotic Californian, I’m an “old European” who would love to move to LA!
All I’m short of is all that green money needed to survive there!