Moving to Taichung?

Thinking of making the move from Taipei to Taichung…going down for an exploratory few day visit -
any suggestions regarding places to do some social professional expat networking (pubs/bars) in Taichung? Not into clubbing - casual Sat/Sun afternoon beer/information exchange kind of places…
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

A lot less places than years ago , but still some.
Fingas Fine Foods Good Western food
UZO bar evenings , snacks/drinks , nice outside area .
Uptowner Cafe American Foods also own Bootleggers a trendy new Bar.
La Bodega small Tapas Bar
Su Bau Italian good food
In the Alley World cup most nights Bar quite a few expats going now.

Closed now …Fattys, Outback, Earlybird.


Good list Shiadoa.

Personally really happy to see Early bird has closed I hated the owner , what a ##*@ !


Not so much networking related:

Fingas Fine Foods for bread, ham, cheese, burgers, & light groceries
Glacier, Juggler, & Solidbean are all great coffee shops with decent light meals
Dida Creamery for locally made cheese
Boske for (pricey) whole-grain sourdough bread
Belling’s for sausages
MATI for chocolate (under new ownership, so currently in flux)
Mucha for chocolate
Wine Cellar & Weilun have decent booze for decent prices

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He could be er…argumentative. He sued the Landlord about an upstairs floor, I believe. He won the case in Court but when the Lease came up for renewal, landlord said no for some reason.


Is that because number of foreigners living in the city has declined? I remember around 15-20 years ago, Taichung had quite a few foreigners working in high-speed rail & bicycle industries.

Mainly. The HSR was bringing many here as was the Power Station. The biggest change came after a Nightcub Fire with fatalities. That gave Mayor Jason Hsu an excuse to “rezone” existing ex-pat bars , to unsustainable areas. Almost every one had to close.

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Not only expat bars but pretty much all bars. Was pretty bad considering years ago Taichung had a great live music and bar scene.

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That’s too bad. In some circles, Taichung was once considered a hugely livable city with property prices much lower than Taipei, and better weather than Taipei (less rain/more sun). Less hectic compared to Taipei but not totally without modern/big-city conveniences. And easy access to surrounding mountains/scenic spots. A true paradise on earth. It was my dream to retire in Taichung, not anymore. A real pity.

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How big a wanker is Jason Hu? Always hated that guy.

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Yes a shame. The weather is probably the best in Taiwan, but ruined by the pollution from the power station, so bad.
Property still cheaper than Taipei , but not by the same huge amount.


Pollution killed the excellent climate, totally agree.
Should be California, more like China these days. Very stupid. Otherwise quite a decent place to live in Taiwan.

Also the coast is a planning and environmental disaster, destroyed a scenic area and what could have been an excellent place for a coastal city. Just horrible. Trashed it with crappy port, illegal factories, run down housing, giant fossil fuel plant and highways. Everything that is wrong with industrial development happened there.

Most countries people want to live in a city on the coast, not wreck the coast and live inland !


I prefer his daughter. But I think she had a pointy chin implant.


The father is more of a tool, but the daughter is way creepier looking.

i think the air pollution has to do with the thermal power plant.

the gov’t has to appease the environmentalists. so instead of trying to get rid of corruption and properly managing nuclear power plants with honesty and transparency, the gov’t gets rid of nuclear energy altogether.

the same activists i see on streets petitioning to do away with nuclear power plants are the same ones now petitioning on streets to do away with the thermal power plants.

核二might be reinstated and we’ll have cleaner air.

Wow, I didn’t know the Taichung power plant is the world’s largest emitter of CO2 and emits more than the entire country of Switzerland. What a travesty.

Still, I’d be up for it.

Agree, she looks in that picture like she belongs in one of those Chinese zombie (jiang si) movies very popular in the late 80s/early 90s.