Moving to Taiwan - Keeping my iPhone?

I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this question, however I just wanted to check with you all before I move to Kaohsiung next month.

I have an iPhone 5 on contract with Verizon Wireless here in the US. I will be cancelling my contract and wish to take the phone with me to Taiwan, and use it there under another provider. Is this feasible? Do I need to “unlock” the phone (not even sure what this means)?

If it’s from Verizon, forget about it. The network isn’t compatible. Unlocked phones from AT&T and Sprint work, though.

Your options are to take out an expensive overseas plan at Verizon or just come here and buy a new phone.

I thought iphone 5 is dual band, meaning it works with both network?

Oh man. I hope I don’t have to buy another phone… can anyone else chime in?

Just found this article, which claims I should be able to switch no problem… … st-friend/