Moving to Taoyuan with an 11-year-old

Oh btw if you happened to stay in PingChen
I’d try to avoid sending kids to 中平國小
Head lice
Dunno if they got rid of those now
But I hadn’t hear of head lice in decades until I worked with kids from there…
The teachers r cool though

I’d also try real hard to avoid any 佳豪 affiliated educational institutions
Seen some shit there
For example they let kids to copy homework at after school (an chin ban)
And the kindergarten is worse…

Sorry for a ridiculously long delay in responding, but we are also in Taoyuan now and find it very manageable. I live within walking distance of the elementary school my kids attend and I work at. Kids can walk themselves to/from school if needed. Anything we’d generally need is available within 2-3 minute walk from home/school, and if we really want to get to Taipei there are buses readily available. I guess where you want to stay depends on your needs, but Taoyuan is pretty convenient I’d say.


If warms this old heart to finally hear something positive about the Peach Garden :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s improved a lot in recent years.

There, I’ve said it.


Well… Thanks for the response! I am in Taoyuan near Ai Mai now. So convenient. Glad we chose here.

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