Mp3 devices

My MP3 device failed. Looks like the memory card has gone on the fritz as it refuses to start.
only six months old.

It’s the Apacer steno NV400 series product, with recorder/SD/MMC card reader.

Do MP3 devices have ‘issues’ in view of the recent discussion on the read/write maximum life cycle of memory cards?

Wonder what you guys think?


I use my Sony PDA, had the thing for well over a year and used it a lot. No problems yet with the (expensive) Sony memory stick.

I actually suspect that I deleted the firmware that runs the player when I reformated the flash drive.

How can I get out of this one?


Funny you should mention that – has a new review out about an MP3 player by MSI, which stores its software on the flash card. MSI includes a little program for Windows XP (gag) which will reformat the card and reinstall the appropriate software; maybe yours came with that too? or maybe the manufacturer has a downloadable version on their website in case a user formatted the drive from Windows.

Actually, Windows XP was at fault all along.

Don’t know why.

I took the mp3 player back to the store. they were pretty nice and reformatted it for me.


have owned an archos jukebox for a couple of years now. 20Gb capacity and not one problem yet! Bit bulky compared to the newer gadgets but works a treat. Check out the newer Archos products.