I have found LIMEWIRE to be a very productive mine for MP3s. Simple interface, very good - almost NAPSTEResque download speeds, and a pretty large community of folks sharing files. You can get the program from

Anyways… although this is not really a Taiwan thread, I thought like-minded people could share tips about good music they are downloading these days. Now that most of us are rolling along at ADSL+ speeds - there is really a lot of scope for experimenting with new music horizons.

To start things off…Remy Shand

For those who don’t know this lad, he’s a “white” Canadian who does some very sweet, (very convincing) 70’s style R&B. I was hooked when I heard his first song on MTV, and have done well on Limewire collecting his songs.

Anyone else into music, and have been pulling down interesing things lately?

I’ve been getting into The Catheters lately.

Today I just got a bunch of Steely Dan but lately I’ve been getting movies.

I just scored Heat, (BEST Shoot-`em-up scene ever!) Ronin, (BEST car chase scene ever!) Pulp Fiction, Leon (The Professional) and Friday (A good stoner flick).

I have enough speed where I can download a movie in less time than it takes to watch one so it’s pretty cool.

Suffice it to say I haven’t been getting much work done lately.


Which download service do you use? I’ve tried Morpheus & Kazaa w/out much luck for either MP3 or MPG.

Also, are you on a standard Taiwan ADSL line?

EDonkey, seems to be a good program for finding Chinese movies, but in my experience the quality sucks, and downloads, if successful take ages. I don’t think that Hollywood needs to lose too much sleep about bootleg ‘Star Wars III’ copies appering online prior to the theatrical release - the quality is total CRAP. But the pointlessness of watching grainy Xth generation copies seems to be lost on all the Taiwanese University students clogging their Uni’s systems. FTP’ing bootlegs from the Mainland.

I grabbed, for "evaluation purposes only, Moby’s new CD, while I was surfing tonight - some good stuff, but perhaps not equal to the consistent power of “Play”. is great for MP3s

I am beginning to get concerned.

Angst, are you ok? seriously… I haven’t seen a post in about a month.

Another newish artist who I’ve come across…John Mayer

I’m over here in the US with a 1.5Mb cable connection.

I’m using Kazaa, but it’s not very good. It merely sucks less than the others I’ve tried.

Try Limewire, Gao. It works well for me - speedy multiple downloads, and very, very few currupt files.

Win MX has been great for me. No spyware/adware and good for most tunes while much better for obscure music than anything else i’ve tried and is left.

i forgot to add about Win MX, multiple DL’s and searches, multi-point DL’s, messaging, too.

I have never downloaded an MP3 and audiogalaxy looks like a bulletin board. I don’t see any lists of music and when I tried the search, I came up with a hodgpodge.
I am seriously MP3-challenged, I guess.

audiogalaxy died a couple of weeks ago. another one bites the dust.

no matter which service i use, i’m getting really crappy download speeds here in taiwan. are there any mp3 programs that let you limit by area? every once in a while i’ll get lucky and start downloading from someone in taiwan, but downloads from anywhere else are painfully slow.

also, any good programs for downloading chinese songs?