Mr. Rocket Goes to New York

Apparently, unbeknownst to all, our resident raccoon is summering in the Big Apple. The precocious Procyonid was spotted on a NYC subway train having a snack with his female traveling companion (wife? handler?).


As someone born and raised there, I can attest that this is normal shit for the NYC trains. I saw a homeless looking dude with a giant snake once. Just casually draped around his neck like a designer scarf.

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Big enough to swallow an overweight raccoon whole? Uh…not that I’d wish that on Mr. Rocket of course…

Nothing new in NY. Got to keep your garbage cans closed up tight.

Problem with NYC is most of the garbage isn’t even in garbage cans. Rocket is gonna have a field day in Coney Island.

Not in my neck of the woods. Most of those woods are built out these days and we don’t see many four legged things past squirrels, truth be told.

I can only assume you don’t hail from Chinatown or the LES. :sunglasses:

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@Rocket is slowly taking over the woorld

@Rocket and his life of crime


Red Arrows also go to NY

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Must have been thrilling to see.

In September 2008 I was working in in an office that was located maybe a mile from NAS Oceana. Office work droned on until late in the afternoon, when suddenly it seemed as if the roof was ripped off our heads nail by screeching nail. Women screamed (some guys, too). I don’t think I’ve jumped that high since I was a teen athlete.

Turned out it was the Blue Angels practicing for Oceana’s annual air show. Just roaring very low overhead, at sub-Mach 1, saying “wake up!”

We all piled out to watch them from the parking lot. Super thrilling.


He gets around.
Hey @Rocket, pedal faster! You can do it!

@Rocket just trying to get his daily bread


Rocket, screw the city. Check out the Delaware River from the gap to almost to Trenton. Your kind, most welcome.

Screw that