Muddy Basin Ramblers Saturday Center Stage

Indeed its true.
[color=#FF0040]David Chen[/color] and the [color=#408080]Muddy[/color] Basin [color=#FF8040]Ramblers[/color]
will be swingin’, singin’, tappin’ and tubthumping this Saturday Aug. 23 at Center Stage (formerly the Living Room) from 10 o’ clock until the cows come home.
Truly this will be a rollicking, rambunctious reverie to those greats that made so much of the music you listen to now what it is.
NT$200 at the door. Bring your friends and shake off those dog-day blues!

Center Stage is at #8 Nanjing East, Sec 5, 3F
臺北市南京東路五段8號3樓 3F,
Tel: 02-8787-4154

Visit us at
And if you haven’t heard our CD, check it out at

What time is Rambler Slim going to be really drunk?
I don’t like to show up before he’s well shitfaced.
Oh, and did you guys chip in to get a razor for that wee gingy yet?

I bought him a pink sateen ribbon to tie into it but he refuses to wear it.

Just a quick bump for anyone who’s at a loose end this evening and wants to have a bit of fun.

great gig, you guys!
You just kept getting better and better - The Ramblers were on fire!
Thanks for a really fun show!

You’re very welcome. Thanks for coming.