Multi messaging app that supports Line

Does anyone know of a multi-messaging app that supports Line along with the other major messaging apps? (I’m mainly looking for something which combines Line, WeChat, FB, Whatsapp, Skype, and maybe Signal if possible)


There are none.


I’ve never found one.

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I suspected as much, but had held out hope…until now.

Their protocol is proprietary.

There can be a small workaround. Make a Line business account

Make a bot and invite into a group chat.

Every time a message is send in the group it will fire a webhook with the message data. You need to have a server or use a service to handle the webhook.

Sending messages is limited to 500 messages per month for free. So you might hit the limit pretty fast sending messages with the bot.

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It’s possible to set up a line bridge in matrix but I haven’t tried fair/matrix-puppeteer-line: A very hacky Matrix-LINE bridge based on running LINE's Chrome extension in Puppeteer. - matrix-puppeteer-line - Miscworks Source
There are bridges for other messengers like whatsapp too, so you can consolidate everything there
But I find these things too annoying and cumbersome to set up so I just put it all on a crappy old phone and check it once a week

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That’s a bit beyond my skill level and also way beyond my motivation. Thanks though.

Looks like I’ll have to invite a random bot into our office Line group :rofl:

It is not random if you make the bot.

And there are also official bots.

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Pidgin broke the line plug in recently and put out the following statement


Yes, they protect their messaging access aggressively.

One must use the official way with bots and pay the monthly plan. :moneybag:
Or use the official messenger and accept the ads.

Not possible to block the ads too, they use the same domain serving those as their general API.