Multimedia ESL Classroom Lessons

I would like to use my computer in the classrooms to teach lower-upper intermediate multimedia English lessons via a projector. We have the equipment but we don’t have any multi-focused multimedia software.

Can anyone please provide some software suggestions, referrals or experiences successfully using interesting, readily available and user-friendly multimedia ESL software in the classroom?

Thanks in advance for your help.

What the hell is ‘multi-focused multimedia software’? Or are you looking for English-teaching software?

I don’t understand. When you say ‘multi-media’ what do you actually mean? Do you want packaged lesosns that you just have to follow, or do you want software you can use to prepare your own lessons with.

I use powerpoint sometimes, with imported word documents, pictures, web pages, and video files placed in the slides. You just put together your lesson plan and make sure you teach it in the order you’re displaying it.

What teaching material are you using? Who are your students? Class size? Ages? Ability range? For how long?

Interactive software to visually represent the voice patterns of students as they speak into the microphone? Try ‘My E.T.’

Video or audio clips? Media player or winamp work fine for me, unless they’re incorporated into powerpoint.

Displayed text? I have a colleague who just fires up ‘Word’ and uses it as his blackboard.

I’m sure there are online word games etc that can be projected onto a screen but I haven’t used any.

Good topic, this. Use of computers by teachers seems to be still in its infancy (as opposed to using teaching software with individual students) and I too would be interested to know how other people go about it.

Yes, I am looking for multimedia teaching software for the classroom.

The software could be reading material, listening, grammar, composition, conversation or games. It could be internet based or independent software. Audio and video clips would be great, like KTV or something. I am just looking to learn and share with others.

Your suggestions Loretta are a good start and I will explore them. Any other software suggestions, resource referrals or other multimedia ESL ideas would be greatly appreciated?

Thanks once again!

Have you looked at Ladder Smart Family Club and it’s online content,
which is called the Ladder Digital Education Institute?

It is network marketing, but this is good stuff. I use it to learn Chinese, my son does his math, Chinese and ESL practice, and my wife joins live online English classes when she has the time.

Of course, the main use is with the students, both with projector in the classroom and indiviudally in the computer lab after class. Sounds like you’ve got the hardware and the goal, now you just need some software.

If you’re interested, drop me a PM and we’ll talk.