Musa chiliocarpa

Anyone know a place selling plants or a place that it is growing in Taiwan?

Or just the chinese name. Would love to grow this one just for the novelty :slight_smile:

Looks like a cousin of Audrey 2 from the Little Shop of Horrors




Some disclaimers and cautions:

I have no firsthand knowledge of this subject. The link below is a result of some very-early-morning Googling. I also cannot vouch for the party offering this kind of plant for sale.

The person or entity on the webpage linked below appears to be selling seedlings, I guess, for this kind of plant, but I would counsel caution, and again, I want to declare that I don’t know this person or this outfit, and that I don’t know anything about the person or the outfit, except what I have stated in this post, which was acquired from the information on the webpage linked below:

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Awesome thanks a lot guys.

Now that i have the chinese name it seems fairly common in fruit tree nurseries…go figure. Feeling very satisfied!