Music and Songs Banned in Taiwan

Music banned in Taiwan during KMT martial-law era. Is there a list somewhere?

Found this from a simple search.

I’m wondering if any of them have been updated and performed by more modern artists?

From this news article.


From the following article of The Taiwan Gazette


The main deciding factor of whether a post-war song should be banned was based on political reasons. If a song violated the following rules and regulations, it would be difficult to escape from the fate of being banned:

  1. Left-leaning ideology, Propaganda for the Communist Party

  2. Plagiarizes Communist propaganda and work

  3. Lyrics are depressing in a way that negatively impacts citizen morale

  4. Reflects contemporary mistakes and causes misunderstanding

To conclude, for the reasons listed above, songs with left-leaning ideology became the number one targets of being censored and forbidden.

Aside from prohibiting songs with left-leaning ideology, Communist propaganda elements, lyrics that were reminiscent of the Communist Party, or any other reasons that jeopardized the anti-communist tenet, a song could also be banned if it reflected social reality or implicitly criticized government policies.

1934 雨夜花 原版蟲膠

1938 誉れの軍夫(榮譽的軍夫)1934[雨夜花]重新填詞之日軍宣傳歌曲

this is the original article in Chinese


Bring back the ban, this time for soppy insincere Mandopop love songs.

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And K-pop.

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