Music for over 30's (or other lazy people :))

What do you listen to?

  • All old stuff I’ve known for years
  • Mostly old, a few new, same genre
  • Mostly old, but up for new, any genre
  • Some old music, but new stuff too
  • Mostly new, but replay oldies for fun

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I find that as I SLOWLY age :laughing: that I can listen to older songs over and over, but it takes me awhile to like something new. I’m not talking going from alternative rock to R&B or from rap to jazz. Even just staying in my realm of music, it takes me ages to appreciate a new song.

But once I do, it remains on the repeat playlist.

It is important to note that I refer to any song over 10 years old, as old. :laughing: So yes, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Soundgarden, Pixies, NIN, etc are “old” to me.

When I talk about new, I mean last 4 years or so.

I guess what I’m saying here, is it that I know what I want, or am I stuck in a music rut?

How about if you listen to only old stuff but you are open to hearing stuff thats new to your ears but still considered old?

I’ve always been stuck in a musical time-warp… reggae, soul, jazz… there’s always gonna be stuff I never heard before. Back in my deeply anal collecting days, I could trawl record racks for hours… ahh memories…

Damn, I forgot about that one. I do the same. Find me a new “old” Tom Waits song and I’m in heaven. Also in the past year discovered opera. All “old” but new to me…

So are we in a rut, or do we just have “good taste” for us?

:note: XTC’s Love On A Farmboy’s Wages :note:

The old songs are still the best ones. :grandpa: