Music mania

After spending time at the migration music festival I was bounced into a possibly false state of joy. Having been here for one and a half years I came to believe that there was not really much happening in the way of culture outside of the many cultural happenings which are native to Taiwan and Asia. I am from Canada and frequent folk and multicultural festivals with my family but have felt such a void since coming to Taiwan. Then it happened… The migration music festival. Does anyone know where I can find a list of more music festivals and strange happenings around Taipei area. I do admit that not being a local I likely miss many great events but maybe someone out there is connected enought to post about some great happenings of the past and future. Thanks in advance


Last Saturday there was an excellent music festival held behind the Taipei County Government building. It featured Aborigine groups from Asia, which I suppose is what led someone to dub it with the unfortunate slogan of “Primitive Power.” :?

I would have posted about it in advance had I known, but I just stumbled onto it on the way back from Yingge. When I arrived, on stage was a trio from Okinawa (I think): a guitarist/vocalist and two drummers who were layin’ down a fine groove. The deadheads here would have especially appreciated them, I think.

After them came a number of groups from Taiwan, mainly from Lanyu.


Banqiao is getting better and better.