Music Store with Country Music Selections

I need to find music store here that has a good selection of country music. I’ve been to a lot of the biggies like Eslite and Rose, but Eslite seems to think Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are current artists and Rose Records mixes the country into the pop/rock section as if Gretchen Wilson and Carnie Wilson have anything in common.

I haven’t bought much music since I got here other than a few releases I wanted, but no country. I really want to find a lot of my Canadian Country act, but I know that is making it a little harder than just general country.

Anyone know a decent priced music shop with a decent country music section? There has to be one somewhere. I really want to get my hands on 5th Gear by Brad Paisley and since iTunes Music Store isn’t available over here, I’m gonna have to shop for it.

I wish the OP found a good store.

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12 years later ! Well country music can be kind of slow (blue grass exempted). :rofl:

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