Musical quizzing

OK. Easy one to start with. No googling. First song played on MTV was?

They play music on MTV?

You’ve got me. It’s like Monty Python’s bridge of death.

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Video killed the radio star.

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Video killed the radio star. And no, I did not google it. Just read this thread now and am answering your good Jeopardy question. Shows my age.

jdsmith already got it, I’m afraid.

So it’s my turn?

Keeping with music:

Scarlet> what?

I know there’s a Grateful Dead song, but I can’t remember it. I don’t understand their music because I don’t like it.

Scarlet Fever?

noop, and it’s ok to not like the Dead. I don’t like Dead and Company.

Your were on the right trail though.

Can I ask for a clue?

If you listened to the Grateful Dead you might know it right away. You don’t, so a clue probably wouldn’t help. And any clue I’m thinking of right now is either completely revealing or utterly nonsensical.