Musician Elliott Smith is confirmed to have committed suicide

Musician Elliott Smith is confirmed to have committed suicide this evening at the age of 34.

Wow. Elliott Smith’s music is beautiful and yet it always struck me as sad, somewhat mournful. He always reminded me a bit of Nick drake in being able to produce these quiet and introverted but still catchy melodies.

When I was younger with more bravado (or cowardice or blindness) than sense, I always told myself I’d be dead by 35, that the accumulated weight of life would be unbearable by then. I’m past that but somehow this, Smiths music and story, brings back memories of many of those feelings of self-torment.


To this day, one of the most amazing live performances I have ever seen was Smith… truly bedazzling - he will be a sorely missed artist.

thats sad…i only own one of his cd’s and it doesn’t play anymore (chinese bought) but he was a really, really good songwriter in an age when they are few and far between…always had a dark side to him tho’ so not that surprised by the news…

"everybody knows
you only live a day
but it’s brilliant anyway

I saw you in a perfect place
it’s gonna happen soon but not today
so go to sleep and make the change
I’ll meet you here tomorrow

independence day"

–“independence day” – Elliot Smith

A brilliant, talented young man.

May he rest in peace.

suicide. make that: self-assisted death …SAD

good man, good mind, great songs, gone for good. Elliot, we hardly knew ye…

but yes, rest in somber peace forever

in nowhere