Mutual backslapping thread

Round one

Hey gus,
You’re a great problem solver people person!


You’re a true diplomat.


Your avatar always makes me laugh.


You’re already part of the family even though you’re thousands of miles away.


You’re a primary color.


You’re there.


You’re a go getter.


You have a zing.


So do you. and a bite. ah-roooooooo!


If you’re a non native English speaker, you’re doing a damn good job. Must be all the translation work you do. (non-promo)

Mother Theresa,

You’re a very calming, yet humorous, influence on our segue.

I haven’t forgotten anybody, only just started.

I’m there? I’M THERE?? Is that the best you can come up with? I’m shattered.

OK, no I’m not.

And I’m also not – all there, I mean.

Is this supposed to be some kind of group hug in a time of crisis?

‘There’ was used to express a devoted and uniquely warm fondness and appreciation.


Is that better?


Thanks Alien. You are very kind. I would have gladly settled for “you’re a ranting looney but you spell good.”

At the risk of sounding maudlin, I want to state how much I think we all appreciate the postings of those females such as Iris, BB, Sarah, Attagirl, the Jennifers, and all the non native English speakers and different voices that provide a welcome relief from the usual maelstrom of testosterone.

I also want to thank Kristy for introducing me to Segue. Without her my life would be empty and meaningless. . . OK, even more empty and meaningless. Thanks Kristy.


Oh, mutual backslapping thread…ok

I honestly think youre doing an excellent job moderating. Not too heavy, in touch with your average poster, doesnt take the word at face value, tries to understand the true meaning of that post and the poster behind it.

uhmm… yea… cool…


I think you’re all great.

Funny. Smart. You all do fantastic charity work. And you make life, well, really just very, very nice.

I don’t care what everyone else thinks.

You are all not very bad at all, at anything.


I am not sure if you should thank me or curse me for introducing you… it is amazing how much time can be lost here…


For introducing me to me future home, cross your fingers I am meeting with John Ding again tomorrow!


just cause

Attagirl- You are a Yoga Queen-

Tigerman, for keeping me in touch with the Dead (oh btw, where is my CD you promised…just kidding!)

Hey Kristy, I’ll have one for you when we get together for Thanksgiving … looks like we’ll need two turkeys this year, and I’ll have to bake more pumkin pies than I usually do!

Thanks for intoducing me to this forum… great place for an opinionated Mr. Know-it-all like myself.

Alien listed me NINTH! Even behind the guy with the prehensile tail…
I need to go get an ego massage. :laughing:

Everybody I Love You

All of you are great. In a country where my only regulat contact with other westerners is on the net I can’t be without Segue

I bet you could do without some of the more boarish posters around here though - naming no names! :slight_smile:

I want to thank everybody for their efforts on Segue. You are all very cool people.


[quote=“Mondo, Man of Mystery”]I want to thank everybody for their efforts on Segue. You are all very cool people.


I’m cool? Cool!

There are cool ppl aplenty in this forum but there are some posters to whom I’d like to give a virtual slap. Does it have to be on the back though?

One who wears the clothes of tenderness and forgiveness walks on the path of the Bodhisattva with a heart full of compassion. :smiley: