My 2 month cat needs a new home 🥺

He is a 2 month male cat and his name is Ninja. Unfortunately, due to personal unforseen circumstances, I am having to find a new home for him🥺 He is playful when we get home but likes to chill during the day. He is litter trained and extremely clean. He is athletic. He is an indoor cat and fully vaccinated. We are looking for a loving home for him. Can you help?

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Yea I need a cat. I can take him. Is he spayed/neutered?


Hello! He is still a baby and can only be neutered when he is 6 months.

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May I see the cat’s picture?

Sure. Can u add me on Line? I have a video of him too. My ID is helenamarques



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We live in Neihu, Taipei. He has a new carrier box that is acceptable to airlines, litter, passport (vaccines) and I can supply one month of food and litter. We love him so much but can no longer keep him😥

Are you interested?

Sadly , I am not able to at the moment :pensive:

Ok. I understand :blush:

He looks really cute. Have you made a post on those FB groups for foreigners and about animals? You can get a lot of visibility there.

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Thankyou :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi, yes I did.

OMG a tuxedo, so lovely, very vocal, awesome!!! :heart_eyes:

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Take cute Ninja to the SPCA and they can help find a loving home for him if you can’t.

hello! is he still available?

I got Ninja.

He’s called Ninja because he thinks your body part is the coolest cat toy in the world, and no other cat toy, no matter how good beats that.

He also likes to rearrange anything he can get his hands on. He seems to prefer drinking out of the toilet than proper water…

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He’s got crazy eyes.