My adidas boost is no longer boosty


I love the adidas boost. Especially the pure boost. I’m a heavy guy and need that extra cushion. But after 4 months of wear I started to have some pain on my feet. Basically the foam has bottomed our and they are basically flats with almost no give.

Any other shoes out there that have plenty of cushion. I’ve suffered some knee injuries and broken ankles and foot. And I’m starting to feel them more and more as I age.


Balenciaga Triple S?


I hear you. I frequently get knee pain when walking, so I have to sit on the couch a lot.

I recommend the Scholl Dakar. Give it a try!


Thanks for the suggestion. I still prefer sports shoes for walking/running/training. Any chance you can recommend any insoles?


Hoka running shoes are famous for being super-duper cushiony. I have a pair, but haven’t started wearing them yet. One drawback: they’re ugly as fuck.


Didn’t realize you want to use them for training. Scholl footwear is low impact and they have running shoes too, but training is a bit outside of my domain.


Brooks is a good running shoe brand, comfortable and they fit you according to how your foot pronates or whatever the terminology is. They’re not very slick or fashionable, though. Just kind of standard looking shoes.

Looking at the website now and they also have some kind of technology called “guide rails” that helps support your knees. Pretty nice.

Edit: website!


I bought these online to just add in.


I just bought some insoles that I find extremely bouncy. If you’re interested let me know and I can send you pictures and shop location.




They all go to shit pretty quickly. Whatever the shoe manufacturer uses for cushioning lasts for six months, tops.

I wear Nike and Adidas. I buy whatever the highest-reviewed (by runners usually) shoe is in the US$60 price range. There is no point in spending any more. Just bought a pair of Adidas, but I still wear a pair of Nike to the gym on squat/deadlift days. The Nikes won’t last much longer, and I’ll replace them with the Adidas and buy a new pair of whatever for everyday wear.

I have worn Saucony, Brooks, Salomon, Reebok, Asics, Puma, New Balance in the past. I always seem to gravitate back to Adidas and Nike, though.


The dr scholls seems to help and add a bit more support, the athlete one isn’t too mushy and has a hard plate in the middle to transition better.