My boss paid in US$ into my BOC account - can't access outside of China


Note: This thread is more for those chaps who’ve lived and worked in the PRC.

I had some US$ paid into my BOC account a few days ago, but I’m out of country (hopefully) forever.

Will I be able to access those handsome $$$ whilst in other countries using my BOC debit card? The answer it seems is NO.

It’s a large waste of time and money going back to my branch in China to send those dollars out of the country.

Any ideas on how I can convert those dollars to RMB (then accessible outside of China from ATMs) or just getting my paws on it without 1. flying to HK, 2. getting a visa, 3. flying/train/bus to Xiamen, 4. Access/convert $$ and fook off out of China?


There is a BOC in Taipei, but not sure if they can help you


Problem (hopefully) solved - idiot boss realizes he can pay in RMB.