My chop

I will be going to Taiwan to study for six months and have a set of chops that have my Chinese/Japanese on them. Should I bring my small one for signing documents?

It was made in Shenzhen but uses the traditional characters in my name (保津亞理安) .

Where can I find more information on legal use of my chop in Taiwan?

Are there risks with putting the image of my chop online (i.e. in my flickr album?).

謝謝您… :slight_smile:

The only time I used a chop in Taiwan was when I got married - you can do without them.

I would be vary of showing a picture anyone could use for anything anywhere public.

First, a foreigner’s signature suffices here; you don’t need a chop. If you do use one for such legal purposes, you should protect it, and don’t post the image anywhere.

Every time I’ve used my chop they look at it and say “Hey, thats very nice. Will you sign your name next to it please?”

I’m pretty sure that I need my chop for some transactions that I do through my post office account. They always ask for it, and have never asked for my signature. If you have a government scholarship and go to certain universities you’ll have to have a post office account (I have to).

It doesn’t matter how shite or good the chop is, as far as I know. Depending on the clerk in question they can be a bit fussy about how clearly you print the thing tho (I’m not very good at it :blush: ).


You can certainly have MORE than one, but you must use the same one each time for the particular purpose for which you first used it.

If you open an account with Chop A, you can’t use Chop B on this account.
But you can use Chop B on another form for another account in another bank. In that account, though, you won’t be able to use Chop A.

is that clear? but, yes, you’d better protect your chop, UNLESS you never really plan to use it, or it is just ornamental. (perhaps)…

Ornamental Chops are great gifts, by the way, for the folks back home.


I’m really crappy at using mine too. I was practicing calligraphy yesterday instead of studying for a final exam and ended up making a huge mess with the soy-based inks and even got some on the sink. :blush:


Ornamental Chops are great gifts, by the way, for the folks back home.


That they are. I received the ones I have as part of a set, and one that I have weighs 2kg. :-/ Yes, that’s staying home :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, and over a decade ago, the postman used to ask for it too, but every time, I told them foreigners don’t have chops, we use signatures, and they fell for it. Now they don’t ask any more, so I guess there are more foreigners around nowadays.